Want To Throw A Sweet Sixteen Party For Your Daughter? Use These Ideas

When your daughter reaches the age of 16, you and your spouse might want to throw a huge party to celebrate her "sweet sixteen" year. However, if you want it to be a success, you should keep the following in mind.

Check with Her for the Invitations

Once you're sure that your daughter is on board for the party, it's very important that you work with her to arrange the guest list. There may be some drama inside her social circle that you know nothing about, so it is not a good idea to see a parent of a teenager at the grocery store and extend an invitation.

Have a Party Geared Toward Young Adults, Not Children

Even though your daughter will always be your little girl, it is imperative that you think back to your own teenage years when planning the party. Teenagers like to be seen as if they are almost adults and tend to dislike many things that make them feel like babies. Birthday hats, party games, goodie bags with candy inside them and other party things that used to work when they were children may no longer be seen as fun or cool.

To show that you respect the young woman that your daughter is becoming, think about having a high-end birthday party for her. Having a catered buffet or sit down dinner with fancy decorations can make your daughter feel grown up; she might prefer to have guests arrive in formal wear as well.

Get a DJ

Music can make any occasion festive, and setting aside some room for dancing is a great way to get everyone excited and involved in the proceedings. Hiring a DJ can be a great decision or the big party. You might want to have the DJ sit down with your daughter before the event to create a playlist that is fun and acceptable to her and her group of friends.While you might want to go over the playlist to ensure that "clean" versions of some modern songs are played, try not to exert too much control over the kind of music that is on the list. Even though you're throwing the party, remember that the party is about your daughter. It's a good idea to do everything you can to respect her tastes.

Use these ideas to create a great party for our daughter. To make the day even more special, contact a company like Characters for Hire, LLC with experience in high end birthday entertainment to make your daughter's party a memorable one.