Last-Minute Bachelor Party Ideas for Groups Who Didn’t Plan Ahead of Time

If you're the best man and you have been tasked with throwing the groom a bachelor party, it can be a real anxiety-causing event, especially if you have been procrastinating and didn't plan out anything weeks ago. Maybe you're not even the type to plan events, and it's making you worry that the party will be a letdown. But don't worry, there are plenty of last-minute bachelor party events that you can book and save the day.

Below is a sampling of two different ideas that you can choose from. They hit different levels of the party (from adult-themed bachelor party ideas to more pedestrian ones) as well as a variety of budgets. So, here are a few to take a look into.

A Tour of a Popular Brewery

Maybe you've seen how wine tours are popular with bridal parties. Well, if the best man is not a connoisseur of fine wine then you might not have considered a wine tour. But, maybe he and his group of friends are really into beer. If that's the case, then you can book tickets to tour one of the counties best brewery. They have cool breweries all over the country, from microbrewery spots in Michigan and Philly to more remote destinations such as the coast of Maine to the deep south. So, you have a wide variety of places to choose as your destination.

Additionally, you might want to focus on his favorite brand. If he is always serving a particular microbrewery at parties, then you know which one to book tickets for.

An Adult-Themed Bachelor Party Venue

If he is looking for a classic, adult-themed party with exotic dancers, and other stuff typical of adult entertainment, then you certainly have a lot of choices. While you might think that you have to fly out to Las Vegas to book such an event, that's not necessarily the case. And if you don't feel like hiring the entertainers to come over to you or your friend's place, then what you will want to do is book an adult-themed bachelor party venue rental. This is safer and also easier than hiring people to come to your home.

There are clubs and places that cater specifically to adult-themed entertainers in every major city. You can normally call up the manager and inquire about the type of entertainment offered and the logistics of booking a last minute party.